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Check out a series of questions that are commonly asked by our candidates and cover topics including recruitment and more.

We offer an attractive benefit package that supports employees in various areas such as health, social, finance, etc. Here is an inforgraphic of GTE’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

career Infographic - GTE


We want to know about your latest accomplishments, your strengths, and how specific skills might be applied to a position at GTE Localize. Be sure to highlight your accomplishments in previous jobs. If you have past projects to share, you can include them as attachments or links to give us a better sense of your style.

We evaluate candidates by their actual abilities rather than their certificates, diplomas, and degrees. You are not required to have any certificates or a score of English proficiency. 

GTE is an international working environment, where various clients, partners, and colleagues are foreigners, so your English proficiency must be high enough for you to work conveniently.

If you have any English certificates, you can attach them to your email to give us more detailed information about your application

There is no limit to the number of jobs you can apply for, and we encourage you to apply for any positions that match your abilities and expertise.

The quantity of application emails is rather big in the file screening round, so we will only contact the most suitable candidates. If you don’t receive a reply from us, that means you are not suitable for the applied position for the time being. However, you can still apply again when you gain more experience and skills in the future.

If your skill set matches the job and you are chosen for an interview, our HR representative will contact you via phone or email regarding the next steps of the interview process.  

Wear whatever makes you most comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the better we can get to know you. You don’t need to dress up to impress us. We put a premium on your skills and abilities, not your outfit.

Before the interview: Learn as much as you can about GTE and the job you applied to. Self-evaluate which skills are suitable for the applied position! You are encouraged to self-examine and imagine the work before the communication so that you have a deep understanding of the position. Misunderstanding or insufficient understanding is unavoidable, so don’t be too worried. We will help you understand the work of the position in the interview. 

During the interview: In most positions in GTE, we appreciate your thinking ability and skills rather than your experience. Your skills & thinking ability mean that you have mastered the content already, so stay calm and be yourself. If you have any questions to ask in the interview, we are open to answering.

Some positions such as I.H and Dev allow remote work, while others such as PM, sales, and marketing require in-office work.

For non-remote jobs, we offer a remote work policy that allows employees to work from home 20% of their working days each month.

If you have any questions, please send an email to and we will reply as soon as possible.