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Business Development Job Opportunities

Business Development Executive (2 vacancies)

We are looking for 02 Business Development Executives in Translation & Localization Industry to join our expanding team. Translation & Localization may not be a familiar sector. But you still can be a great fit if you can tick as many as possible of the following elements (in the order of priority):

1. Global market
2. Online service
3. B2B model

Details are as follows:

Job Description

The ideal candidate will be responsible for both inbound and outbound sales activities including lead generation, qualification, and closing deals. You will be expected to meet and exceed sales targets, build and maintain strong customer relationships, and represent our company in a professional manner. Here are the key responsibilities of the role:

  • Generate new leads through outbound sales activities such as cold calling, email campaigns, and social media outreach.
  • Serve inbound leads, qualify their needs, and guide them through the sales process.
  • Conduct sales calls to prospects and customers.
  • Build and maintain a strong sales pipeline.
  • Develop and maintain long-term relationships with customers to ensure client return rate.
  • Cooperate with other team members for team planning, strategies and training.
  • Provide sales forecasts and reports to management on a regular basis.
  • Continuously update and maintain customer information and activity records in the CRM system.
Job Benefits
  • Competitive compensation package: Base salary (Negotiate) + Attractive Commission.
  • Year-end bonus, 13th-month salary, oversea summer trip.
  • Annual health check, extra health insurance (Bao Viet care)
  • Opportunity to work overseas when the company opens foreign offices.
  • 12-16 annual leave days; 10 days of paid sick & carer’s leave.
  • Bonding activities and fresh fruits every day.
  • Other benefits in compliance with Labor Law.
Job Requirements
  • Excellent communication skills in English (both verbal & written) are a must.
  • Having experience working with global clients is a plus
  • Have at least 1-year working experience in any field.
  • Previous experience as a sale in a service business or IT outsourcing industry, SaaS, Technology sales is an advantage
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team, can set measurable goals and track progress using metrics.
  • Possess some sales characteristics: Coachability (the ability to absorb and apply coaching), Curious (the ability to understand a potential customer’s context through effective questioning and listening) & Work ethic (proactively pursuing the company mission with a high degree of energy and daily activity)
How to Apply

Please send your CV to with the title “GTE Localize_BDE_Your name”.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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Job Opportunities

English to Vietnamese In-house Linguist (2 vacancies)

We are looking for 02 English to Vietnamese In-house Linguists to join our expanding team. Details are as follows:

Job Description

  • Edit translations from other linguists and perform LQA/LQE and LSO translations from other linguists or clients if required.
  • Translate/trans-create documents from English to Vietnamese and vice versa.
  • Solve arising issues of translation tasks.
  • Perform other linguistics tasks as required.

Job Requirements

  • At least 03 years of editting experience in the translation & localization industry, particularly the medicine/medical device/healthcare domain.
  • Trados capability is a must. Other CAT tools experience would be a great advantage.

Job Benefits

  • Competitive compensation package: base salary + bonus upon completion of the monthly target.
  • 13th-month salary, Oversea trip, healthcare insurance, Annual health check.
  • Year-end bonus as per company’s policy.
  • 12-16 annual leave days; 10 days of paid sick & carer’s leave.
    Professional training, an opportunity for knowledge and skill development.
  • Active, friendly, challenging and international working environment.
  • Flexible working hours and working style.
  • Working remotely or at the company office of your own choice.

How to Apply

Please send your CV to with the title “GTE Localize_EN-VI Inhouse Linguist_Your name”.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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Business Analyst Job Opportunities

Business Analyst (01 vacancy)

We are looking for 01 full-time Business Analyst to join our expanding team. Details are as follows:

Job Description
  • Analyze requirements of the internal users and convert into system functions.
  • Coordinate the external agency or/and in-house Dev to build new modules and/or improve the current modules.
  • Ensure documentation (User Manual; Release Notes) are updated as needed;
  • Play end-users role to timely validate the developed/implemented system
Job Benefits
  • Competitive compensation package.
  • Opportunity to work on the product side and witness how the ERP system adds value to the company operation.
  • 13th-month salary, Oversea trip, healthcare insurance.
  • Year-end bonus as per company’s policy.
  • Annual health check.
  • 12-16 annual leave days; 10 days of paid sick & carer’s leave.
  • Flexible working hours and working style.
  • Bonding activities and fresh fruits every day.
Job Requirements
  • Non-tech background is accepted.
  • No previous BA experience is required; we are open to training. We only look for a potential candidate who are willing to learn new skills and focus on continuous improvement.
  • Strong analytical skills with high logic & systematic thinking.
  • Good communication skill, teamwork skill and strong problem solver
  • Good command in written English
How to Apply

Please send your CV to with the title “GTE Localize_Business Analyst_Your name”.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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Internal Post

Company Trip Plan 2022


  • Flight schedule:
TimeStageFlight codeDeparture timeArrival time
Date of departureAug 12Hanoi -BangkokVN 61108:4011:50
Date of returnAug 15Bangkok – HanoiVN 61011:5513:55
  • Time and venue: 05:00 AM on Aug 12, 2022 – Gather at the Pickup place (updated soon), coach takes the team to Noi Bai Airport for check – in procedure.
  • Note: If you go to Noi Bai International Airport by yourself, please be present at Terminal T2 (Nhà ga T2), Noi Bai International Airport at 06:00 on Aug 12, 2022 for joining team and check in procedures. If you do so, please notify HR in advance.

All members are requested to be punctual, late comers will be not waited for because it can affect the flight time of the whole team.


  1. Tourists who are eligible for entry Thailand:

Tourists aged from 12 years and older: Having been immunized sufficient doses of COVID 19 VACCINE (at least 2 DOSES, the 2nd DOSE is over 15 days from flight date). (Vaccines must be accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO): Astra, Pfizer, Moderna…). It is required immunization certificate of at least 2 doses of covid-19 vaccine with QR code displayed on PC Covid Application or Electronic Health Book. If QR code has not been displayed on PC Covid application, you need to present the original immunization certificate – (English – Vietnamese) bilingual version, if the original immunization certificate is in Vietnamese, the certified translation is required.

2. List of accepted vaccines

  • List of accepted vaccines and dose by WHO

  • The persons who were immunized vaccines of CUBA and RUSSIA and others that are not accepted by WHO will be refused for entry THAILAND

3/ Outfit and personal items:

  • You are advised to take with compact outfit suitable for the trip, avoid washing and ironing in hotel. Remember to take with swimware, umbrella and beach cover for sea bath, etc.
  • Visiting Pagoda: formal outfit; short and tank top are not advised. Female tourists should wear over knee length dress, avoid revealing clothes, sleeveless shirt.
  • Following toiletries are available in hotel: Bath towel, soap, shampoo, you can use at will. There are not personal items in hotels such as tooth brush, tooth paste, comb, slipper. So you should bring with them in this trip.
  • You can use bottled water, tea, coffee free in hotel rooms. Except for food and drink in Mini bar (in fridge in hotel rooms), you will be charged.

4/ Monetary:

  • Thai currency is BATH. Exchange rate: 1Bath = about 710 Vietnam dongs. You can change United State dollar into Bath at Money Exchange station, etc.
  • The said exchange rate is on internet and for reference only. You can refer exchange rate or change money before the tour at 27 Ha Trung street (04) 38252597 – Quoc Trinh Jewelry store (a reliable address).
  • You are advised to change Vietnam dong into Bath  in Vietnam to have good price.
  • You should have U.S dollars of 50USD or 100USD face values to change with high price.

5/ Luggage: Carry-on luggage 7 kg + Check-in luggage 23 kg

  • Carry-on luggage: You can take with 7 kg of carry-on luggage on board.
  1. You mustn’t take with knife, sharp and pointed objects of any kinds or any sizes for cutting purpose in your carry-on luggage, whether they are made of metals or other materials, knitting-needle or sportware. The said objects if any must be packed in your check-in luggage. The said objects mustn’t be packed together with your carry-on luggage. If any, they will be confiscated and not be returned.
  2. Passengers mustn’t take with unclear origin liquids; the liquids taken with must have clear label, in case of medical liquid, it must be enclosed with prescription, etc. and obtain consent from security agency after inspection.
  3. Cosmetics or some permitted liquids can be taken with but not more than 100ml
  • Check-in luggages: You are not allowed to take with more than 23kg of check-in luggages (not take by your side on board).
  1. Total dimensions (length, width, height) of each package shall not be exceeded 158 cm (62 inches).
  2. You may have check-in liquid luggage, as long as it is packed in tidy (Airline shall take no responsibility for luggage being broken, deformed, etc.)
  3. You should not put valuable or important objects in check-in luggages such as: Computer, money, jewelry, gold, silver – germs, valuable papers (stock, business documents, etc.), electronic devices (camera, video devices, etc.), antique, passport, etc. The Airline shall take no responsibility for loss of any things in check-in luggages. Luggages should be securely packed and locked.
  • The prohibited objects to be carried as luggage: Corrosive, Gas, Oxidizer, Toxic, Explosive, Radioactive, Flammable.
  • The objects that are only permitted to be carried as check-in luggages: Knife- scissors.
  • Passengers shouldn’t take with: Documents that are related to your current work, Military and political documents, Cultural products of Vietnam, Fruits and live plants and animals, Explosive and Flammable.
  • In case of no tour guide, You shall check the talon confirming luggage check-in.
  • In any cases, passengers are requested to neither hold nor check in luggage on behalf of any others if you don’t know them.
  • The Airlines have right to refuse to undertake and carry luggages if they see them unsafe or obstacle during carriage.
  • At airport and on board:
  1. Seat in your own place. Seriously obey regulations of the Airline during flights.
  2. Don’t tease, play trick on each other with misunderstanding language for Airline and flight such: placing bomb, terrorizing, kidnapping, etc. All said above behaviors can be deemed by Airlines as acts causing risks for security of aviation and flight.
  3. Don’t press any buttons and places that are not intended for the flights; seriously follow the instructions of flight attendant.

6/Eating and drinking:

At Buffets, please take food and drink that are just enough for you to serve, if you want to try taste, take a small amount to avoid wasting. Fine will be applied by hotels or restaurants for excessive food and drink.

7/ Means of transport:

Means of transport in Thailand is diverse, safe and easy to take, especially taxi. You should take taxi with distance meter, pay fee according to the meter’s reading. When seating in front seat, remember to secure the life belt, otherwise you will be fined by traffic police. When going out, you should take with hotel’s card in case you lose way. In Pattaya, the taxi is not many, there is mainly goride service and Song Theo vehicle.

8/ Purchase:

If you buy goods at flea market, price is cheap but quality is not ensured, it is good for you to bargain. You don’t have to bargain if you buy goods in supermarkets, however, if the shop assistant is not supermarket’s staff (not in uniform), it is a private shop, you can bargain. PATPONG market sells a lot of goods, but it is complicated, be careful otherwise you will be picked pocket in this market.

9/Phone Call:

  • You can use international sim of VN Roaming for normal call, however, it is costly. You are advised to get Tourist sim in Thailand with price of about 200- 300 Baths. Tour guide will guide you to get sim upon arrival in Thailand
  • Calling back to Vietnam: +84 + Phone number in VN, omit initial 0 number. For example: +84 989…. Or + 84 43….


  • When tourists are on coach, please save 02 first front seats for tour guide to conveniently guide all team
  • You should lock door at night to be safe during your sleep.
  • You should not litter and prejudice Thai culture and custom.
  • Tourists shall be responsible for self keeping their personal belongings or putting them in safe box at reception counter but not keeping them in hotel room.
  • Every one should take with bag/wallet for Thai coin.
  • Each is allowed to take with not more than 5000 USD.

Special note:

  • Strictly follow instructions of the tour guide, especially on day of going to Coral island, using recreation services there (You shouldn’t register with solicitors at beach, for the fact that they would offer in Thai Bath, but force you to make payment in U.S dollars (USD) – The tour guide shall take no responsible to Tourists who self- purchase services out of the given ones of tour.
  • For tourism development, Thailand have some tourist attractions that are subsidized by Government and offer incentive tours coming to Thailand. Some of them are combined in this tour program and called designated sightseeing places, include: Gems Gallery, Snake Farm, Leather Factory Outlet (at snake farm), Bee Farm. These are tourist attractions that were visited by almost tourists coming to Thailand. When sightseeing at the designated sites of the program, it is not necessary to purchase if you have no demand, but only need to fully attend. All  members please cooperate to attend the designated sites of the program. The sightseeing each site can end sooner than expected, if every one desires to move to next site
  • Please don’t separate from the tour group during the trip, if you do so, the team shall be fined by Thailand Tourism Company 50USD/man/day, if the separation day falls on the day visiting designated sites, there may be additional fine for not attending the sightseeing sites under contract

Some simple sentences in Thai

Hi, helloSa-wa-deeThank youKop koon
Hi, hello (male)Sa-wa-dee krupSorryKor thoad
Hi, hello (female)Sa-wa-dee kaaHow much?Nee tao rai?
YesChaiWhat is this?Nee arai?
NoMaiIt is too expensivePaeng maag
Where is bathroom?Hong nam yoo teen naiCan you discount?Lo ra kha dai mai?
How are you?Sabai dee reu?Very goodDi mak
GoodSaibai deePlease pack it/themHo hai duai
You are welcome/That is alrightMai pen raiJust the check/ the bill, pleaseGep taang
Can I take photo?Tai ruup dai mai?Can you speak slowlyProt phut cha cha
Please drive more slowlyProt khap cha chaIt is not goodMai di
Be carefulRa wangGoodbyeLa gon
Slow down, pleaseCha chaSee you againLaew phob gan mai

  Have a nice trip, guys!                     

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