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H1-2022 Revenue data & Highlights

H1-2022 Revenue Data & Hightlights

As promised, I bring you the first summary of our business situation during H1-2022.

1. The 1st real step into an international operation

Recently we decided to close the Indonesian Representative Office. The original purposes of setting it up were no longer relevant. As our working culture, we simply adapt and move forwards. Instead, we put more effort into the two other offices: SG and the US.

  • Singapore: besides the legal entity, we successfully opened the SG bank account. Consequently, our SG office can operate fully as a Singaporean company: sign the contract with clients, receive the payment, and pay out to suppliers. For the first time ever, we’re truly doing international operations! Behind the scenes were a lot of efforts from the Accounting & Admin team to smooth out all the legal and accounting setup. VM team has recently joined to integrate the supplier part. Kudos to the ladies!
  • The US: the biggest battlefield! We have got the legal entity in June. MKT efforts have just geared up – we got the very first US Lead last week. But unlike the SG office in which the physical presence of a Sales is optional, we would need someone to be in the same time zone and working atmosphere with the US clients. And that “someone” is chosen to be Alex with his proven Sales performance in 2021 and working morale during the last 3 years. Alex is currently in the visa-applying stage for US entry with a tentative interview date this Sept. Wish his luck, won’t you?

2. The 2nd start-up

Without knowing it before, we were in the second start-up time. If the first start-up in 2017 was to enter and survive in the business, this one was to climb up the value chain. To be clear, we were no longer contented to be a purely sub-contractor providing some local languages for other LSPs since 2019. But it was not until 2022 that we put all our efforts to acquire new end-clients. Marketing spending was invested heavily. Sales operation was standardized. Production & back-office were lined up to support.

And the results?

Within the first 6 months of 2022, we acquired the same number of clients as the entire 2021. The majority of them are EC.

It’s a Wow, right? But if we take a closer look, the full picture was not as rosy as the number of new clients. To gain that many new clients, we spent a lot of money. And the revenue and profit from those new clients were not large enough to cover the spending. Technically, ROI from Sales & MKT activities was negative. Or simply put, we were making a loss. The precise number of losses was somewhere 1bil VND for H1-2022.

What do all of those things mean? We now know the first step: how to get new clients. But we don’t know yet the second step: how to make profits from them. The responsibility to answer this question falls mainly into 3 teams:

  1. MKT – your results were not too bad, I can say. You brought home quite a lot of new Leads. Many of them had big potential. But you still need to optimize your activities more and more. A key figure like CPBL (Cost per Business Lead) was still high.
  2. Sales – I know you guys were trying hard. But it can’t be denied that the final result was far from ideal. The successfully converted clients were mainly small & medium ones. We didn’t get any big deal. So please be more aggressive. Optimize your chance with every single Lead. Count on your luck. Or whatever. I expect more visible results in the H2, bros.
  3. VM – though your work is far from the client, your part is significant here. If you can’t find a way to have cost-effective resources, the front-line team, Sales, will never be able to offer good quotations to win new clients. And the quotation is about 80% of the reasons clients select a vendor. Once we get the client, only cost-effective resources can turn a project into profitable. The resource cost from you matters, a lot!
Either as the temporary Sales TL or as the MD to lead MKT & VM team, I personally share the responsibility here. And I will still be around, very closely, in the H2 to find the answer together with you. 

A note for this part: we made a loss with Sales & MKT activities but we still made profits from the overall business. Don’t be confused. But at the same time, that profit was pretty thin due to the Sales & MKT investments.

3. Revenue and the vision ahead

The first half of 2022 recorded 15.7bil VND in revenue. This is the best 1st half of the year that we have ever had. Or 27.7% up in comparison to the H1-2021. However, it’s only 80.5% of our H1-2022 target.

Remember our vision to be on top of the 20 largest LSP in APAC with about USD 9mil in revenue by 2026? That means we need to be on a good track of revenue every half a year during the 10 periods until 2026. The first one was not as expected. Please join your hands to make it up in the second one.

Final words: You didn’t find other teams in the spotlight: PM, AM, IH, Dev, Engineer. It’s not because you’re not newsworthy. On the contrary, you’re doing generally well (though there were still some hiccups here and there) so that I can feel confident to switch my focus to other hot spots. A big thanks here to you actually! 

These data & information were shared to help you gain an overall picture of your work and to promote our transparency. Do NOT disclose them to external parties unless you have written approval from the MD.