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GTE Localize is a global translation services company certified with ISO standards. Currently, we have offices in the United States of America, England, Singapore, and Viet Nam.

Our core service, translation, is not merely the work of a human, rendering text from one language to another using MS Word. We add value to “translation” and provide clients with true “localization” services, applying the latest technologies to increase work efficiency and quality while reducing costs. Other language services that we provide include Media Localization and AI data collection. 

GTE’s clients comprise global businesses from the US, Singapore, the EU, and other Asian countries. We directly or indirectly support top global brands in adapting their products to international markets. There’s a good chance that you’ve seen Vietnamese translations from Facebook, Google, or Abbott that were delivered by GTE Localize. 

Working with us means being up to speed with the latest trends and technologies in the industry, including CAT Tools, machine translation, and more. We offer a dynamic, fast-paced, and international environment where each working day is challenging yet rewarding. Each employee is expected to grow together with the company. Our vision is to become one of the 20 largest LSPs (Language Service Providers) in APAC by 2026

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OUR core Values

At GTE Localize, we have a set of 4 core values that shape and reflect our team behaviours and ways of thinking.



Integrity is the foundation for everything we do. We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.



From the company level to team level and individual level, we aim to maintain the best possible outcomes in the least wasteful manner.



We always act fairly towards colleagues, customers and partners.



We are not afraid of challenging tasks to improve our business and ourselves, and always strive for better achievements.

our working culture

Here are 10 aspects of working culture including attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and practices that create the daily atmosphere in our working environment.

A place designed to work

We make efforts to build a transparent and healthy work environment that helps you focus on your job without spending energy on other stuff. ​

Our core values are the guiding star​

The company has four core values. Whenever we make a decision, whether it is big or small, we ask ourselves if it’s aligned with our core values. Following the core values will keep us doing every task in the right way.

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Only employ the best we could find​​

We surpass challenges and difficulties to collect a star team of the top candidates we can find. Great colleagues will keep your working days bright, enhance the team spirit and enthusiasm.

Work hard, then work smart​

We target to work hard first. Painful lessons from this first stage are vital to building the foundation for the second stage of working smart. Then, only by working smart, we can go far in the long run effectively and smoothly.

No "Not my job"​

We are willing to support other co-workers and do something out of our JD. Supportiveness is what we have nicely proved ourselves with, what we really treasure, and what we will fight hard to keep!

Challenges accepted

Generally, easy options bring less value. We choose the opposite road that is challenging yet rewarding, and ready to perform any challenging tasks with a can-do attitude and positive mindset.

No one babysits you

Each of us is responsible for our tasks, not our boss or anyone else. We build and maintain the so-called “Circle of Autonomy” in which the management gives room for self-control. Consequently, every team member can work independently. And the circle repeats itself.

Adaptive to move forward​

Since the industry and the world are changing fast, the company and every member need to be familiar with the big and small changes constantly. It can't help adapting to any changes or being left behind.

Growth mindset​

A growth mindset is a philosophy that drives each individual and the company to strive for more and better achievements each passing day. We don’t expect the company and individuals to outgrow each other but to grow together.

Candid feedback is a must

Each GTEer is expected to give candid feedback to the receiver on what we really think directly with a positive intent whenever possible. We create an environment in which you’re not only safe but also rewarded for speaking up and providing candid feedback.


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